About Us

About Beyond Bodi

At Beyond Bodi our mission is to support our customers in achieving a healthy lifestyle using wholesome products that feed the mind and body.  We use only locally sourced, high-quality, natural ingredients because we believe that
organic not only tastes better, but it is better for you. We firmly stand behind our company motto “Mind, Body, and Sea Moss” and invite you to join us on this Sea Moss transformation journey.

A letter from our CEO

Beyond Bodi is a family-owned and operated business, built on the foundation that we would not develop products we wouldn’t consume ourselves.  Beyond Bodi is more than a company, it is part of an overall wellness journey.

I initially discovered the benefits of Irish Sea Moss as a skincare product but quickly learned that Sea Moss had so many other benefits such as supporting the immune system, appetite suppression, a natural decongestant, joint pain
relief, and overall heart health. This is how my relationship with Sea Moss began and I can’t be more pleased with the number of Sea Moss fans who have joined me on this road to better health and wellness.

How did we go from me creating Sea Moss Gel for a few family members and friends to a company with customers across the country? I like to say that we got here the same way as all our products, organically.  I am proud of the
care we put into developing products that not only taste great but are also good for you.

At Beyond Bodi we care about YOU and YOUR HEALTH and want to be active participants in making it better.